Fred Herndon



Fred began his musical ventures mixing sound for various Detroit area bands, which led to a life long journey of learning both acoustic and electric guitar.  He has a meticulous ear for music, as well as a passion for engineering particular sounds to correlate with any given song. Through the years, Fred has lent his talents to several bands and has been able to showcase his talents through various venues and genres.  He prides himself on always striving to learn more and be better at his craft.

Of all the different genres, the baby-boomer “AM” and early FM era songs are his favorite. He feels blessed to be playing with such talented like-minded musicians in the MotorCity Memories Band.

Side note - Fred met Allen Bondar (Bondar and Wise) over 40 years ago. Here they are in a band together!

Fred has never met a guitar, amplifier or pedal he didn’t like! 

 Amber Franzen