Joel Sheltrown



From his earliest memories, Joel always loved creating music, pounding out chords on a piano and singing, many times at 5 AM.  He must have certainly drove his parents nuts, but eventually they decided they should support his interest in music by buying him his first horn.

It seems like Joel has done a thousand things in his life.  Past member of the National FFA Band on tenor sax, started his own band in his junior year in high school.  He worked as a musician through much of the 60’s to present, playing everything from contemporary jazz, blues, rock, country and pop, playing lead guitar, sax, bass and occasionally keys. He has played in groups in the Philippines and Germany. 

Born and raised on a dairy and beef farm, Joel also worked as salesman, parts manager, service manager, politician, business owner.  In 2004, he was elected to the Michigan’s House of Representatives and the only member to ever play on the House floor.  He was also the first person to play a horn for the National Anthem at Michigan International Speedway.

Joel has been a leader of a number of bands, primarily Woodwind, Millionaire, and Sweet Talk. He has done warmup for Mickey Gilley, Johnny Lee, Tammy Wynette, and Jump in the Saddle.  He exclusively plays Yanagisawa horns, Bobby Dukoff Super Power Chamber on Tenor and a Beechler Metal Bellite on Alto and only Vandoren ZZ Reeds.  He uses a Schecter 5 string bass, PRS guitar and Korg keys.  Occasionally, he will belt out a song or two.  Currently, he is Vice President of Governmental Affairs for Elio Motors.

 “No matter what I do in life, I always return to my first love, music.  MCMB is a really fun group, full of great talent.  I am honored to be part of it!”